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The beautiful and breath taking sprawl of pebble beaches that are strewn with lavish million dollar houses have always captivated sun lovers and socialites equally. If you are an admirer of sheer beauty, the French Riviera has much more to offer than you could possibly ask for. The small yet great in their splendor towns of Mougins, Antibes and Vallauris, together with their urban charms are spurring with billionaires to whom these translate as nothing less than perfection and accomplishment of all their dreams.

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Nestled beautifully right in the middle of craggy cliffs, carefully put up high above the sea by the best of artists, a medieval village in the French Riviera namely Èze is a must visit. This historical village backed by the sparkling out stretched waters of the Mediterranean make for a breath taking scenery, with well -preserved stone buildings and truly divine winding alleyways, this tiny village looks a work of art. This is where you should carry both your camera and your walking shoes. At a dizzying 1400 feet above sea level, this picturesque spot stands out and needs to be visited.

Very nearby is yet another medieval village, Grasse which happens to hold the distinction that will satisfy your sense of well being and smell… being the world’s perfume capital there is no way you will return from here empty handed. The village offers some of the most intriguing perfumes, these make great gifts back home, if you were wondering what makes France so famous with perfumes you have stumbled upon the answer right here in the French Riviera. With free tours of these perfume factories and trips right into the hearts of those brilliant, never-ending fields laden with lavender surrounded by a hilly landscape, you will be taken back into time. If you loved the Hollywood blockbuster “Perfume” this is going to be heaven. Close your eyes whiff in the fresh air laden with the sweet aroma of lavenders.

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Next comes Monaco, yet another versatile destination on your trip to French Riviera, a bastion of centuries of glitz and glamour still basking in its old glory. Parked out in the harbor, always, are a few yachts  and the city is obviously known to be a play ground for the ULTRA rich, with its casinos and extra lavish offerings. Quite a treat if you don’t believe in saving, you can live like a king for a day if not every day!

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